Stump Removal

Stump Grinding is the most popular technique for stump removal. Grinding tends to be the more environmentally friendly method, in comparison to the extremely labor intensive alternitive, digging up a stump. Once we have removed your stump, you could then transform your lawn by laying sod, replanting a tree, or redesigning your landscape.

There are many reasons to remove a tree stump. Stumps are not apealing to look at, but they can also pose safety risks. If tree stumps are left unattended they become very susceptible to bug infestation, hazardous fungus growth, and disrupting lawn maintenance. If you need Stump Grinding give us a call! We pride ourselves in always offering competitive prices for all of our stump removal services. Our employees specialize in tree stump removal so you know you are getting professionals with the credentials to back them up.

We get a lot of questions about tree stump grinding. Posted below are some of the most commonly asked questions. Hopefully these will answer your questions too, but if there’s something we haven’t addressed here, just send us an email or give us a call at (508) 418-4096 – we’re happy to talk with you about stump grinding any time!

I’ve just had a tree cut down. Why should I grind the stump away?

~There are many reasons to remove a tree stump – aesthetics, you don’t want to constantly mow around it, you want to avoid termites and ants near your house, you want to plant a new tree, you don’t want the stump sprouting into a new tree…

Can you remove the entire stump?

~Yes, most tree stumps have all their major roots within the top 16 inches of soil. We can also grind deeper when required.

What about all the surface roots – can you grind those away too?

~Yes, we can usually use the stump grinder to grind down 6 inches or so and remove all the tripping hazards that extend out from the stump.

How deep do you grind a stump?

~We normally grind down 8-16 inches below grade so there is ample soil depth to grow grass. We also offer a shallow grind where we go 4-6 inches below grade. This saves money but you won’t be able to grow grass there so we recommend this for a stump in the woods line or perimeter of the lawn.

Can I plant a new tree in the same place as the old stump?

~Yes, we can usually grind a stump away so there is nothing left. Grinding 8-16 inches below grade, is required, when the homeowner wants to be able to plant within that area, in the future. 

How long does it take to grind a tree stump?

~Depending on its size, it could take as little as 30 minutes, or as long as 4 hours. We have very powerful machines that are more efficient than smaller rentable units.

How do you price stump grinding?

~Due to a wide variety of differences, stump grinding requires a site visit. There is a minimum of $5 per inch of the stumps diameter, but there are other cost factors as well, like access to the site, presence of rocks, quantity of surface roots, etc.

Do you do a package discount for grinding many stumps at once?

~The more work being done at once, the better the price is. Ask us about bundling your tree removal and stump grinding!

Am I left with a big hole when you’re finished?

~We will not leave a hole in your lawn. For a typical stump job, the area will be filled with the chips that were grounded. Upon request debris can be hauled away.

Do you remove the stump grinding debris?

~We generally push all the dirt and chips back into the hole so there isn’t a hazardous hole in your yard. Some larger stumps will actually leave a mound of chips behind.

 ~An optional additional service to haul away debris, can be requested. Followed by filling the hole with dirt, topsoil, seed and straw – by adding water every couple of days, the area will blend with your lawn, in no time.

Will tree stump grinding damage my lawn/landscape?

~Not when it’s done properly. Upon request plastic mats we can put down to protect softer areas from being torn up.

Can I use the mulch from the stump grinding?

~Yes, depending on the size of the stump there is a mix of dirt and wood chips which composts into rich topsoil in about a year or two depending on moisture levels. These chips also work great as mulch in vegetable and flower gardens.

Can your machine fit through our gate?

~Our machine was specially designed to fit through a 36 inch gate – that’s a standard-sized gate or opening so we can probably get through your gate without any problems.

I have stumps on a hill. Is it possible to grind them?

~In most cases, yes. Obstructions, difficult access and steep terrain may increase the cost to remove stumps.

Can you grind a tree stump that’s next to a wall, sidewalk, foundation, leaching field or other structure?

~Yes, but we need to be cautious and sometimes we can’t grind quite as much of the stump or roots because of the infrastructure. This is where experience plays a big part in knowing just how far to go and when it’s not safe to do it.

How long does it take a tree stump to rot away if I leave it alone?

~It really depends on five things: size, species, moisture levels (in shade vs sun), insect activity, and structure of the stump. For example, a 20” oak tree stump in a sunny yard might take 18 to 20 years to decompose naturally, whereas the same stump in a shady moist environment might take 12 -15 years to rot away. Just realize that it’s not a quick (or pretty) process.

There are fungus/conks/mushrooms on my tree stump. Is that a problem?

~Fungus growth is a result of the decomposition process, as the wood breaks down. Obviously some fugis are more hazardous than others. You may want to consider grinding any stumps, that are in close proximity to your house, and or areas where children or pets play.

If I grind away my tree stump will it eliminate the termites and ants?

~While we can’t guarantee that all termites and ants will disappear, grinding will significantly reduce the probability and hopefully eliminate insect infestations.

Is tree stump grinding mess/noisy/dangerous?

~Yes on all counts. This is why we do not recommend the homeowner DIY approach of renting a small stump grinder. We have many years of experience and the best equipment to get the job done right. Our machines are designed to prevent debris and rocks from becoming dangerous projectiles, unlike the consumer rentals. As well as our professional personal protection equipment that our oporators are required to wear, to ensure their safety.