We strive to provide contractors and homeowners with fast, efficient and versatile excavation services, such as rough and finish grading, trenching and drilling for foundations and retainer walls.

With Bobcat tractors and a variety of attachments as well as an excavator/backhoe we can trench, break and remove concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways, and foundations. Swimming pool removal is a specialty along with limited access projects such as basement excavation under an existing house.

Whether it’s Residential, Commercial or Industrial We are the excavation contractor for you.

We are Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

We recycle whenever possible.

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Cape & Island Tree Service LLC




The trenching attachment is perfect for installing irrigation, electrical and drain lines.  It cuts into the earth up to 3 feet deep and as wide as 6 inches.  Big enough for utilities, drainage and much more.  The auger on the side of the attachment efficiently pushes the dirt to the side and allows room to work near the trench without dirt falling back in to it.


The flat bucket is ideal for general grading, leveling flattening, preparing concrete pads, backyards, and fields for drainage, swales and other purposes.  Our bucket caries a load of roughly 3/4 Sq yard of material. Combined with a transit we can get your grades exact! If you have tough, rocky dirt not to worry!  We have a bucket with teeth as well!


Do you have a drainage problem? Water puddling or pooling on your property?  If so, this can be handled by digging swales and installing culverts. A culvert is a metal pipe usually installed under roads and on properties to avoid erosion. Whereas swales are a small dip or ditch where water is channeled away from structures to prevent flooding.


Our dump trucks can hold loads up to 5000 LBS and can haul up to 4.5 Sq yards of dirt, sod, gravel, etc. For construction waste, I can haul 8 yards of material. The dump trailer makes quick work out of dump runs.  To load trash, bark, base rock, and other material. I also have forks to easily load and move material.